Sunday, April 6, 2014

i felt a sudden rush of sadness on my way back from church today, knowing tat there will be no one at my hostel when i reach there... miss L has moved to the swabian part of the state n will start her practical on valentines day... all this while i've always taken her presense for granted, now i must get use to staying alone for a while... come visit me plz!

went snowboarding for the second time after having the first taste of the adrenaline rush derived from it... this thing is so addictive, although i ended up having a stiff neck n sore arms, not to mention a swollen ankle after straining my left foot the whole day... now is the only time i hope it will snow more in the coming days!

now tat exams are nearly over and after i write my official last english paper tomorrow, i will be busy wif my packing and painting of the house... signing off now... til next time!

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