Thursday, April 3, 2014


it simply means 'let me use the weather of Malaysia to say i love u!'

i heard this song over the local radio today n it juz struck me tat how true this song is to me now... read about snow storm in a lot of places in the northern hemisphere n i m juz glad tat i m now back in malaysia despite the super duper humidly hot weather here... i sweat non stop ever since i step back into this country...

another interesting thing today is when i read about the strike in frankfurt airport, i can actually join in the conversation by commenting : aiya, german oweys like tat one lah, strike here strike there... ahahaha

another thing worth to be mentioned, my ability to speak foochow actually come back after 3 days here in sibu... now i can communicate quite well wif my ah gong n ah gu n order food like a local... but deep inside me, i know tat my german speaking skill has worsened... time to watch 'Hallo bei Logo!'

life is good back home!

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