Friday, April 11, 2014


to the loads of new faces i met during my short trip to SA,
although i could not remember all ur names n faces, ( i don even bother asking for names coz i noe i will eventually forget them all) it's a pleasure meeting u all. i hope one day we will meet again, if not, i hope u will remember the very noisy senior who was in CA way b4 all of u. hahaha...

to those getting their a-level results,
congrats if u got all *(stars) - it's the latest trend, all A's are not enough to satisfy the smart scholars nowadays... n to those who didn't, don lose heart, always remember tat there's someone like me who exists to make ur results seems really good already in comparison...

to the wonderful bunch in CA,
i still felt like i m part of CA even after nearly 2 years of absence from 'the atmosphere'... i was surprise to see a few familiar faces from my school n church last time, thanks for accommodating me n thought tat i were the new junior... haha

God bless!

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