Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Stories from Scampen - part 1

i freaking drank a bottle of apfelschorle through a smelly sock (which happens to belong to a girl standing next to me). nuff said.
notice how everyone here only has one sock on.

after that, people were coming up to me and ask me why did i even want to do it. hmmm. why did i not think of it before gulping the whole bottle down?

So since it happen already, might as well learn sth from it.

and during Scampen, i realise one thing, that i have been in Germany for 4 years already. Before i knew it,  i m getting a tad bit older than when i first arrive and i realise how all my dreams and passion are being buried over the years because of studies and ministry and etc.

so again the question, what does drinking apfelschorle through a sock has to do with getting old?

well it make me realise that i am not as physically and mentally weak than i thought i would be. If i can survive drinking liquid through smelly socks, i can surely survive sleeping on hard cement floor in Latvia for one week! there you go, funny how a wacky game can give so much inspirations to people.

Signing off,

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