Monday, March 10, 2014

Roman Holiday...

it was yet another summer, and a pretty good one too... one of the places i've been to during this summer is non other than Rome, the capital of Italy, infested wif tourists, but i can see why...

after coming back from there, i guess wat the lonely planet book says about rome is quite true :

1. When it comes to seeing the sights, that old adage Roma, non basta una vita (Rome, a lifetime is not enough), couldn't be more true.

2. Possibly the only European capital with more ruins than dog poop, Rome boasts thousands of years of visible history.

3. Regarding driving in Rome, the rule is in Rome is to look straight ahead to watch the vehicles in front and pray that those behind are watching you.

Sorry for the lack of photos in this post, i, being smart this time, din even bother bringing my camera due to reason i don even noe myself... anyway, at least i get to be the model of 4 other photographers... haha

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