Thursday, February 20, 2014

What's so special...

about 14.02.2012?

yup u got it right, it's not about the flowers or the chocolates, it marks the end of my 6th Sem or third year of my uni life. What better way to celebrate V-day than the official end of my semester after writing my last exam paper on this day itself! Not to mention that i will be flying back in 2 days time, away from this late, cold winter!

Looking back, i cannot believe that i've made it this far. 4th year mechanical engineering student soon, wow! And still surviving! Kinda want to remain a student for a while. Lately i have been preparing my parents that they might need to wait a bit till i graduate for good coz i m considering doing my PHD and then go back to my small, humble town of Sibu to work at grandpa's grocery shop. haha.

I remember blogging about the start of this semester after my internship and here am i blogging about the end of the semester already. Looking back, a lot of things has happen throughout the sem, good and bad, and some things i need to unlearn n relearn again, things lost and found, gain new friends and had to let go a few ppl out of my life and many more.

Looking forward to the new semester, i will be expecting more things to happen, life changing perhaps yet so uncertain. Being a control freak, i must admit that i am scared of the coming semester, so many unknowns out there ready to be revealed and new opportunities to be discovered. I am not too sure whether i should pro-actively go all out to seek the future or is it a time to learn how to just sit there and observe as the masterplan slowly unveils.

I'm ready for the big surprise! Bring it on!

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