Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Being mechanical engineer

While in the process of stocking up for cny eve, i got asked by the lady at the asian shop whether i study culinary in the uni (i was asking for plum sauce coz i wan to have yee sang for cny eve celebration in church)

She was quite disappointed when i told her i am currently doing my masters in mechanical engineering. And she proceed by telling me how she wish her daughter can do mechanical as well. I told her i was free to choose whatever i wan to do because there's so many subject options to choose from and nearly everything has to do with physics and maths. Being asian, she proceed again by telling me how she thinks her daughter should be studying engineering instead of biology because of future job prospect. Well, reminds me of my family as well and i got homesick for a while.

To be honest, whenever people ask me why did i choose engineering as a girl, and usually my answer will be : cause my dad says so. I will normally get this weird look for them. And it is really fun to do it everytime, esp with ze germans, coz they are so free to do whatever they like after they turn 16 and leave home, and they cannot imagine how helpless a 17-year-old can be after she finishes high school and don't know what to do with her future. When i was 16, i had 5 tuition classes to attend. and when i finish high school, i don't know what to do coz there's no tuition class to attend!

So this will be my 4th cny in a land far far away from home, and i would also like to wish people who are not like me, who get to celebrate this valuable family celebration with your family, please hug your parents and siblings for me and don forget the angpaus!


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